Raging Fits of Happiness

The things that light my soul on fire.

Soul Food

on February 18, 2015

Have you ever had a moment when it feels like the universe, or god, reached out and touched your heart? When it feels like through all of the rain and lightning it made the clouds part, and the sun shines its golden rays for you. The warm glow from the gaseous ball in the middle of our galaxy, is feeding the fire in your belly. No, not heartburn, the fire that is passion. The furnace that feeds your soul. Those moments when namaste means something to you. It’s when you truly understand and see divinity in every little thing, including the usually frustrating parts of life. When you’re on cloud nine, anything that would normally be upsetting doesn’t phase you. They’re just moments.

So it goes.

Kurt Vonnegut spoke wise words. I will soon be getting them permanently on my skin.

I believe when you’re feeling that perfection, that ecstasy, that is nirvana. That is a little taste of enlightenment. You might feel like you’re on drugs, but you know you didn’t take any. You might feel like you’re dreaming, but you did your reality check, and you noticed nothing you’d suspect of a dream.

People might think you’re crazy, and you might feel a little crazy because, well, you feel high in the best way possible and nobody is on your wavelength. If they’re lucky they’ll get a spiritual contact buzz. If you end up getting a little too intense, like I usually do, people will look at you a little funny. Tone it down a little bit and appreciate the moment silently. Tears of joy are totally possible.

These moments are fun, but unless you’re doing everything true to heart, they go away quickly. For instance, if you’re working a job you hate in order to make ends continuously meet, look for another job. Ask the universe to lead you to your metaphorical pot of gold. If you work the majority of your waking life away, at a place that brings you down even when you’re not working, you’re cheating yourself out of so many good moments.

As soon as you align with your higher self, things seem to just work out for you. If you have an idea that you need to talk to someone about, someone that specializes in that field might just enter your life. Your mind will all but explode due to all of the things that are timed way too perfectly to be coincidence. I have witnessed so many synchronistic moments, which had a slim chance, if any to happen. It has blown my mind time and time again, but sometimes I forget about the wonder the universe can cook up.

Try to remember all of the times that you thought you had a guardian angel, or god was looking out for you. Remember the times you were flabbergasted, awestruck, and totally blown away.

Don’t forget what the universe will do for you. You are a working part of this universe, and as soon as you start working in sync with the whole, whatever synchronistic mechanisms there are, will start working in the way you want them too.

Take control of your attitude, take control of your life.


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