Raging Fits of Happiness

The things that light my soul on fire.

Powerful Pawn

on March 3, 2015

A brightly shining friend made me a necklace. I was standing outside with a few of my co-workers, enjoying the first few minutes we weren’t obligated to serve or make food. I saw her running up, with something in her hand. She handed me the necklace, and in that first moment I felt a torn between gratitude for her making me something, and just a little bitter because of the stigma attached to pawns. 

Then she spoke, “Pawns keep going until they get taken out or they become a higher entity.”

I was completely blown away. It was thoughtful on so many levels, and I can’t believe I would have thought any less of this wonderful girl, even for a second. 

She’s moving back to Wisconsin for a while, and while I’m sad to see her go, I am super excited for her to start writing this chapter of life. I am also super happy because she just felt like she had to go home. It was calling to her, so when she finally gets there and starts following her heart, she will be so much happier. When our actions don’t line up with our desires we become stagnant and depressed. The moment we listen to our intuition it seems like the whole world opens up. Just like knocking over a domino. 

Dominoes and pawns. 


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