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Money is Just a Plus

on April 12, 2015

For a while I have been talking about how I don’t want to work at a pizza place any more, and saying how I want to do something with meaning, as well as preaching about how only YOU can control your happiness.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, I started looking for a job in the non-profit section of craigslist. I found one titled ‘CHANGE THE WORLD-WORK FOR GREENPEACE $10-15/hr.’ I thought it was too good to be true. There was a number on the page, and of course I called it, eagerly expecting an answer right away, because DUH they’re just waiting for me to call. I left a message and begrudgingly went to work at my pizza server job.

I made it all of 24 hours before I decided I needed to stop prolonging my suffering. I was nice, though. I put in my two weeks instead of just leaving, which I really wanted to do at one point. I didn’t have another job lined up, but I was sure I’d be fine. We don’t have really expensive bills, and I have my book to sell. I was also learning how to sew and so I planned on selling minimalist wallets.

It’s always been easy for me to talk about the law of attraction, and I’ve seen too much synchronicity in my lifetime to just believe it’s coincidental. It’s a lot easier talking about that than actually practicing it, especially if you’re struggling to make ends meet. I haven’t been struggling to make ends meet, but I still have bills and I use kratom for pain relief. So I have some expenses, and I’d also like to save money for Costa Rica. So, with all of that information, you might have thought quitting my job without another one lined up was irresponsible. It was a little impulsive, but I have very strong convictions about doing things you hate for too long.

I had to consciously make the decision to not worry at ALL about finding a job. I was content and safe and everything would be fine. Irresponsible, I know. But I believed he’d call back. I already had the job.

So, after about a week and a half, I was sitting at the kava bar, sewing some wallets (which I’ve sold several of) and I get a call from a number I didn’t know. “Hey Hailey, this is Brian from Greenpeace.”

I basically had the job before I had an interview, but I still had to do my application and background check. The interview went just as well as I thought it would and I saw someone who I used to hang out with.

You are probably thinking, yeah but you would have gotten the job anyway. I probably would have, but I took a risk. I followed my heart and stopped complaining about the job I hated. I just did what felt right and knew I would make it work. That’s the part we don’t do often enough. We don’t believe in our ability to succeed. Believe in yourself and follow your heart!!

I can’t wait to start at Greenpeace. I want to change the world, and I’ve known that for a long time. Think of all the knowledge and smiles I can spread. ^_^

Also, if you want to purchase my book you can find it at:


“Up the Downward Spiral”


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