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Sun Bleached Hair and Skin Hot to the Touch 

on February 28, 2016

I’m not sure if I wrote about the awesome high paying job I got, and if I didn’t, I don’t know if I mentioned how it was door to door. The flashy idea of being able to possibly make 60k in a summer and travel wherever I want pulled an entire sheep over each one of my eyes. When I took the job I whole heartedly believed I wanted to do it, and I was being greedy. All I could see was that I could be making a BUNCH of money in a short amount of time and would get to travel.

Well, what I wasn’t clear about was that it would be door to door sales basically and that when we left for the summer it would be in a location that they picked. I seriously feel like I was hypnotized because when I think back to my interviews I don’t remember door to door sales, she said residence and businesses so I thought I might be driving or something. I don’t know. All I know is I’m in AZ, sitting in a Dunkin Donuts because I needed to charge my phone, get a drink, and get out of the sun before I hit the brick. It doesn’t matter anyway. 

Yesterday I finally fessed up and was honest to myself and my mentor about what I was going to NOT be doing over the summer. I was worried about what she’d think of me or that she’d be mad. I really like her, she’s an awesome person. I just can’t justify spending 8+ hours a day in the sun with no breaks, for 6 days a week, for the ENTIRE SUMMER, in order to make a buck. I make 20+ dollars an hour when I play on a random kinda busy street corner, and that’s on the low end of the scale. AND that’s me doing something that I absolutely love and actually contributes to my vision for the world.

When I get back I have a weekly or biweekly steady gig set up, at a place I love playing, and I can do a gig at another awesome coffee shop, as well as START MY BUSINESS, officially, considering I’ve already done business and made money off of it. I love it. And I get to get my car. 🙂 I’m so excited. 

BACK TO TODAY. Some crazy shit happened. So, I was walking around the neighborhood, the way door to door people do, and I found a little yellow chihuahua, no leash or collar or anything, and he was barking at me. I mean, she was barking at me. But she wouldn’t move. I looked around and saw nobody, and tried to get the dog to chill out. When it kinda worked I decided to go across the street and see if the house knew the dog. I got the dog all pumped up and convinced her to follow me. She still barked the whole way. Then when we got across the street, she wouldn’t move. She let me pet her, but she wouldn’t move. I tried to holler at the person inside the house but they didn’t hear me or didn’t know what I was saying because I mean, face it, I am still wearing a uniform and holding a binder. I looked around and thought the dog might belong to this yard, and I found the gate that I was slightly open, but it was open in such a way that she wouldn’t be able to push through it. I let her inside and she started barking again but she was home. I continued on. 

Then, like an hour later, I was sitting in a spot of shade, and this lady is walking a dog. I go to move slightly so she can get by without going in the street, and she says something about if I’d seen the dog. I think back to one of the 200ish houses I’ve been to the last week, and I think of a dog that looks just like this one! I picked my stuff up and started walking with her towards the address. She said something about having to hurry, and I told her I’d find the owner, that I was gonna be in the neighborhood anyway. She told me they could keep the leash. So, on I walk with this cute little dog. Up and down the streets, knocked on some doors she walked up to, and kept on walking. Found a house that said they fed her earlier because she wandered up, they didn’t know where she came from aside from maybe the alley. I went down the alley. She flattened herself out on a shady spot of this woman’s driveway, and I asked her if she’d seen this dog and if it was okay that she rest there for a moment. She said yeah and offered me a Pepsi. I’ve looked tired consistently the last 6 days. It gets me special treatment from lovely Spanish Abuelas. 

The woman asked if I had tried bringing her to the animal services and I said no, I have no car and don’t live here. She offered to fetch the number so I can call. I thanked her and told her I’d do it from my phone. I called the police department and had them send a person who could read her chip. I waited for an hour and a half and posted to the City’s lost pet page on Facebook, and then I found out she was adopted recently. I messaged and commented on the Humane Society’s page, and decided to just call, I mean I was probably in her area and I wanted to get her home. I called them up and described her and gave the phone operator the puppy’s generic as fuck name. Princess. She expressed her puuuure enthusiasm that there are so many princesses. SHE FOUND HER. She called the owner, and I got permission and an address. 

Princess and I pranced down the street with a new sense of purpose and direction. 

When I dropped her off the lady wasn’t as excited as the phone operator made it seem. I was kind of disappointed because I LOVE THAT DOG. That lady should have been crying tears of joy that she was back. If I would have found her in Florida, I’d have kept her for a while until ‘lost dog’ pictures actually went up anywhere. >.> 

I can’t say that’s true. 

OH, AND, then this nice Spanish Abuela lost her doggie, so I said, why not I’m the lost dog queen today, and I started to look for her dog with her. As she went one way and I went the other, I FOUND TWO MORE DOGS. I looked around and they got out of the gate across the street. The owners were in the car. They herded the pups, and then I continued the search. 

Abuela found Lady and invited me in for some water and a snack. I love that lady. 


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