Raging Fits of Happiness

The things that light my soul on fire.

Are You an Angel?

on April 29, 2016

Between writing and singing songs that sound like golden silk to the ears (unless your ear is still ringing from the bang of an AK47), and making out under the stars. I am a little overwhelmed with the joy in my heart. I just had the best date tonight with my new band mate, and ukulele counterheart. I really do love wordplay. I am not used to being treated like such a princess. It’s something I can get used to and it takes a lot for me to accept it, since, as I’ve said in a later post, it’s really easy for me to forget my worth. 

I guess it’s time to change that. 

We were making out in his car near the beach, listening to music that added to the fact that I felt like I was in a movie, and I said no at the beginning of a sentence, even though the rest of the sentence wasn’t deliberately relating to him stopping, he stopped. I pulled away and made sure that I was comfortable. It struck me as so nice and respectful, and something I’m not totally used to, even from relationships that didn’t seem so bad. I was taken aback. I haven’t been treated with such respect in so long. It’s fucked up and absolutely perfect because I got to see how much of a gentleman he is. 

I have so many stories I’m excited to tell him, and he says he’s got years. The only thing I’ve got to do is finish writing out album and get rid of my fears. I guess I make up that it’s to good to be true, but I think that part of my brain doesn’t have a clue. 

We’ve decided that we’re going to take it slow, and wait until after we’ve got an album put together to go all the way. We’re probably going to put out an album really quickly because I’m not sure how long two passionate Latinos will be able to hold back. Plus, sexual tension and emotional connection make for amazing fuel for creativity. 


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