Raging Fits of Happiness

The things that light my soul on fire.

What Dreams Wish They Were

on May 3, 2016

What do you get when you mix two young musicians who love ukulele, writing music, and singing, who have Latin blood? 

Super amazing, passionate, make-you-never-want-to-leave-the-bed sex, beautiful songs, a future top hit, messy hair, 1am snacks, lack of sleep, and hearts so full the grinch would be put to shame (the end of the story, not the beginning). 

I’ve never been one to really believe in marriage, and I know it’s early, and we’re young, but I have never met someone who rocked my world on so many levels as Ceelo. Like, seriously, what the fuck. I feel like he’s been made just for me. I want to experience the world with him and show him so many things, and go on tour with him, and fuck him in every state and every country. I want to sing songs with him, sitting on the brim of the Grand Canyon, letting our sound and our love echo throughout the path carved by the Colorado river. 

I want to go camping with him in the middle of the desert so we can see as many stars as possible. 

I am in love with him, and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. When I stop to seriously think about what’s happening with him, with us, I get so emotional. A lot of it has to do with making up some bullshit about how I’m not worthy of a love this great, but damnit, we both are. We owe it to ourselves to allow this joy and this passion in. I am more than happy to share it with him. 

Also, puns during sexual activities are the best thing ever. 


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