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Sleeping Angel

on May 5, 2016

So, I’ve been given permission to use Chris’ real name in my posts. Ceelo’s real name. That’s pretty cool. 

He’s asleep for the moment. He’s had a long day…or a long 3 weeks of knowing me and hanging out with me. We tend to stay up really late and he wakes up early af. Not to mention, usually, when we’re staying up really late it’s because we’re exerting some serious energy. Which is awesome and fun and magical. He rocks my world. Over, and over, and over again. I actually have to take a slight break because I am sooooore. 

It’s really nice to have found someone with the same sex drive and passion as me. It’s like he is ALWAYS ready to go. I’d be down for that if I wasn’t basically a virgin as of 6 days ago. That was a fun experience, and to me it was a really empowering experience because I chose to give him my body, unlike my first first time. Now I never want to stop giving him my body. He just feels so good inside of me, on top of me, and around me. 

I’m so happy. 


2 responses to “Sleeping Angel

  1. Nafees says:

    good luck, guys 🙂


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