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Sober Tripping

on August 26, 2016

So, it’s normal for me to feel like I’m tripping or rolling, when I’m sober. Not in the kind of way that lets me see hallucinations, but in the type of way that lets me see the beauty and wonder in everything. This is state of mind that made the concert I just saw that much better. 

I saw Aussie Floyd. I never got to see the original Pink Floyd, but I have seen the wall, and been listening to them for as long as I can remember. 

I can say that I am so happy to have seen Aussie Floyd twice now. They put on the amazing light show, and use the giant puppets, and MAN, that lead singer has some PERFECT vocals for this. That’s probably why they’re one of the two top Pink Floyd cover bands. 

At one point during the show it was like the stadium was filled with clouds that would have made any pothead proud. It was  really cool to see so many different types and ages of people, ALL jamming out, many of them wearing tie dye that could very well be older than I am. Music brings the world together, and that togetherness is what this world needs. It’s a beautiful thing to see everyone join each other, and sing songs like their lives depended on it. Which brings me to remember that I LOVE it when a bunch of people come together to sing. I played at an open mic last night and I did an acapella cover of Hotel California. Group singing = love. 

Well, tomorrow I plan on writing something a little bit more creative. As for now, it’s getting kind of close to sleepy time and I’m gonna play one more round of COD. 


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